Sure, we’ve given you plenty of places in Bowling Green to go, but what do you check out when you get there? What’s the MUST TRY item to get on the menu? Here is some insider knowledge for those that know Bowling Green best, the townies that live here!


Highlander Grogg at Grounds for Thought

Start your morning off right with the most popular roast at Grounds for Thought, the Highlander Grogg. This blend has notes of vanilla, maple, and butterscotch for a delicious flavor. This coffee also comes in regular and decaf.


Kosmic Bowling at Al Mar Lanes

Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, Al Mar Lanes turns into an awesome sounds and light show! This fun experience has great music (and music videos), fog, and all things glow-in-the-dark. You can also reserve space during Kosmic Bowling for a unique birthday party!


Candy Counter at Ben’s

Some things just never go out of style and one of them is looking at the delicious candy selection at Ben’s candy counter. Ben’s has been serving up homemade fudge and yummy popcorn flavors (definitely try the caramel corn) for 45 years! They also have many other great selections like truffles, turtles, jelly beans, and gummi candy.


Gyros at South Side 6

South Side 6 serves as a convenient store and Mediterranean grille that serves HUGE meals! A favorite for many townies is their gyros which you can get with beef, chicken, or a mix of both. Their gyros are so good that they even created a challenge to eat 6 in under 66 minutes! Only a few have ever won this challenge, could you be the next? Check out the challenge rules here!


Jewelry Making at Coyote Beads

Let your creative soul shine while you create jewelry at Coyote Beads! They have hundreds of beads to choose from giving you all kinds of ways to create your own unique piece. They also offer classes on how to create different pieces of jewelry like bracelets, earrings, cuffs, and bangles.


Stuffed Breadsticks at Campus Pollyeyes

When someone new comes to town, everyone’s suggestion is to get the stuffed breadsticks from Campus Pollyeyes. These are staples of Bowling Green that keep bringing people back again and again (literally, ask any former BGSU student or resident of BG and they’ll tell you these breadsticks are KING). We suggest the chicken or the roast beef with a side of house made ranch for your first Pollyeyes experience.


Know of an experience that didn’t make the list? Let us know by using the hashtag #ThinkBGOH!