Cameron’s Comics New Location

Cameron’s Comic’s has recently moved to a new location in Downtown Bowling Green at 119 East Court Street! The store was formerly located on North Main Street. What had started from the store owner, John Smith’s personal collection has grown so much, that they needed to move to a bigger space. He has since expanded the collection, and now has the largest selection of comics in all of Northwest Ohio!


John got into comics years ago with short newspaper comics like Calvin and Hobbes. He became more interested in different kinds of comics throughout the years, especially since there are so many different types of comic books out now than when he was younger. Now he connects with his son Cameron, who the shop is named after, through comic books. John enjoys having the business downtown because he gets to meet and talk comics with all different kinds of people, from college students to locals, who all share a love for comics. He likes the diversity of all the shops downtown and all of the support the store has had from the community in Downtown Bowling Green.


The new space also lets them display more of their products out front in their new windows. “The biggest thing for me was the lack of windows, nobody was even able to see into the store.” The shop gets new stuff in every Wednesday! In addition to the new location at 119 East Court Street, Cameron’s Comic’s will now be Sweet Tooth Comics Retro Candy & Pop!


The store will now feature retro sweets on top of their great selection of comics! These changes will happen gradually over the course of the summer and they’ll even start selling a selection of pure cane sugar soda this month. They will have their full selection of Retro Candy & Pop ready around August of 2019! Sweet Tooth Comics will also be adding a “gross” line of flavored sodas to the mix with flavors like: Alien Snot, Monster Mucus, Unicorn Yack, Toxic Slime, andZombie Brain Juice! The store will also start selling dice for D&D, Magic the Gathering and other cool new items soon!


Check out facebook page to see all the new stuff that they get every week: